Meizu enthüllt die 2020 New Year Gift Box mit Zubehör für Ihren Desktop

Meizu enthüllt die 2020 New Year Gift Box mit Zubehör für Ihren Desktop

Meizu sind keine Fremden für bizarre und verrückte Konzepte, und für das Jahr 2020 haben sie ein brandneues Produkt oder vielmehr eine Reihe neuer Produkte zu enthüllen. Das Unternehmen stellte seine 2020 New Year Gift Box vor, eine Schachtel mit Gegenständen für Ihren Desktop. Sie sind alle so gestaltet, dass sie ein einzigartiges Designthema haben. Die diesjährigen Artikel sind alle aus massivem Beton.

The Meizu 2020 New Year Gift Box consists of a desktop storage unit for putting all your stationary and stuff, a concrete desk clock, a smartphone holder and a stationary holder. As you'd expect, the products are all gray and very minimalist, giving them an interesting look. We can't say we've seen something like this before, and it's pretty nice to see a material like concrete get some love from tech companies.

In addition to the storage set, there is also a card in the gift box with a New Year's greeting: “ The beautiful things are different. The resonance will help you find your confidant. May you abandon the clutter and restructure the order in the new year to make it beautiful and strong. ” This is a rough translation, but the general gist of the message comes across just fine.

Alongside the announcement, Meizu also talked about how their product lines have been getting convoluted, with hopes to streamline their product lines for 2020. We're hoping they succeed with this considering how good their last devices have been. We're definitely looking forward to what the company has in store for u s , and we're hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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