Digitisation in the Hamburger Sparkasse

Digitisation in the Hamburger Sparkasse

Numerous banks from the German Sparkassen Group have relied on signotec’s secure electronic signature solutions for many years. Now the Hamburger Sparkasse has also equipped its branches and customer centres with the signotec Gamma signature pad in combination with the signotec Adobe Reader plug-in. On delivery, signotec performed an outstanding logistical feat: the more than 1,600 signature pads were transported to the Sparkasse’s dense branch network within just a few days.

Especially in the banking sector, electronic signature solutions must offer the greatest possible legal security. This is why Hamburger Sparkasse relies on the tested signotec products – Made in Germany – approved by Finanz Informatik.

The signature solutions are primarily used to purchase bank products where a signature is required on the form. These include, for example, the conclusion of current or savings accounts. The signature pads can also be used for powers of attorney as well as deposits and withdrawals. Whereas in the past the documents had to be printed, signed and scanned in again, this process now takes place in a single operation using a digital signature directly in the PDF document via the signature pad – and without any printout.

The signature software used is an Adobe Reader plug-in specially developed for the Sparkassen organisation, which acts as an interface to the Sparkassen programme OSPlus_neo in order to sign PDF documents. The forms and documents can be signed in the familiar environment without media discontinuity. The signature is embedded in the document in an ISO-compliant manner and in accordance with the requirements of the advanced electronic signature. In this way, the entire document is protected against changes in the long term. The signature is signed on the signature pad signotec Gamma, which with its high-resolution color display is ideally suited for the precise capture of the signature at the paperless point of sale. The signature by special pen on the sensor surface made of hardened special glass with ER technology offers a writing feeling that is very similar to that on paper.

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By using signotec’s solutions for electronic signatures, Hamburger Sparkasse is not only achieving more efficient processes, but is also expanding its range in the direction of digitalisation.

The Hamburger Sparkasse was particularly impressed by the logistical performance, as the more than 1,600 signature pads were transported within a few days to the dense branch network of the Sparkasse.

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