Donations instead of Christmas cards – Read where we do good!

Donations instead of Christmas cards – Read where we do good!

The Christmas season is a time full of customs and traditions, which is why we would also like to hold on to a tradition that has been significant for us in previous years: Instead of sending cards and presents to our valued customers, suppliers and partners we support projects and organisations that work for the good of others every day through their charitable activities and that are facing particularly difficult conditions in the year of the Corona pandemic. We are encouraged in continuing our tradition by the high positive response to our Christmas fundraising campaigns of previous years as well as the grateful feedback from our donation recipients. This year, they are as follows:

Médecins Sans Frontières
Médecins Sans Frontières supports people in the battle against the coronavirus with more than 250 projects and in 63 countries worldwide. Local health facilities and hospitals worldwide are supported in the care of Covid 19 patients. The aim is to maintain general health care and guarantee basic medical care.

Ozeankind e. V.
Ozeankind campaigns nationally and internationally in the form of recycling and educational projects as well as educational work for children and adults for an increased awareness in the handling of single-use plastic and against the steadily increasing contamination of nature by disposable plastic.

Artenglück GbR
Three accomplished young people from the Middle Weser region are facing up to the acute threat to regional biodiversity and insect mortality. By planting perennial flowering areas using special insect-friendly seeds, habitat is created for native species. signotec supports this great initiative by a sponsorship for a 1,000 m² flowering area in the region of its northern branch.

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In this spirit, the signotec GmbH team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year 2021!

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