Nidwaldner Kantonalbank takes positive stock

Nidwaldner Kantonalbank takes positive stock

Since the end of 2019, the Nidwaldner Kantonalbank (NKB), the bank in the canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland, has been using 20 signotec Delta signature pads and the signoSign/2 software solution. Now, after almost two years, we are taking stock of the situation and spoke to Peter Bircher, authorised signatory and Head of Marketing & Communication.

Mr. Bircher, how exactly are signotec solutions used at NKB and which banking processes are simplified as a result?

NKB uses the signature pad signotec Delta for cash deposits and withdrawals at the counter. Our customers can now view and sign their receipts directly on the pad. In addition, the archiving process has been optimised with the help of signoSign/2, so that the signed documents are stored directly in our archive. This eliminates the need to print them out for internal use and saves us considerable resources. The customer’s receipts are still printed out – but only at the customer’s express request.

What were the decisive factors within NKB in choosing signotec as a partner in the field of e-signatures?

The solutions of signotec are already in use in other banks with Finnova software. The consistently very positive references, the broad performance spectrum of the application as well as the commitment on the part of signotec convinced us. With its numerous integration options, the signoSign/2 software offers us sufficient scope and supports our existing processes in an optimal way.

How satisfied are you with the consultation, installation and use of the signotec solutions?

Both the consulting and the project management were extremely professional and competent. The support since the introduction and integration has also always been very solution-oriented and characterised by short response times.

What is the acceptance and feedback of the solutions among your employees and customers?

The change from analogue to digital processes was very positively received by our employees and customers. From the employees‘ point of view, the handling is very user-friendly and quickly learned. Our customers particularly appreciate the reduction of paper documents.

What other opportunities do you see in the use of signature solutions or is there already a plan to expand the integration?

We would definitely like to expand the use of the signotec hardware and software solutions even more in the future in order to fully exploit their advantages. The conversion of further processes, such as document signing for customer onboarding, is already being examined. Here, the generated forms will be displayed on the tablet and signed on the signature pad after they have been checked by the customers. The subsequent processing will also be done electronically, so that the entire process can be handled paperlessly.

signotec GmbH appreciates the pleasant conversation and is looking forward to further constructive cooperation!

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