Silex Technology presents Z-1, a new wireless conference room system with access point functionality

Silex Technology presents Z-1, a new wireless conference room system with access point functionality

Wanted: OEM partner: Z-1 display connectivity solution has great potential for expanding existing product portfolios of leading device manufacturers or system integrators specializing in conference room technology.

Silex Technology is a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions, some of which the company sells under the Silex brand and some of which it makes available to OEMs to expand, complement, or complete their individual product offerings. Key characteristics are that it is compatible with all common operating systems, no software installation is required, and no additional hardware, such as a dongle, is needed. 

Currently, many companies, public and government authorities, as well as private institutions, are faced with the need to find ways to reliably communicate, hold meetings, and make presentations from different locations. The new Z-1 conference room system offers a high degree of flexibility—in times of crisis and long after.

High-speed Wi-Fi for 4K display presentations

Z-1 is a compact, innovative wireless presentation system that provides a quick and easy solution for transferring device content to a shared screen, with the freedom to roam and fewer cables to install. It also serves as an access point, allowing everyone in the room to connect to the presentation system with their smartphone, tablet, notebook, or PC via Wi-Fi. Thanks to Z-1’s plug-and-play function of the Z-1, everyone in the room can see the same content in just a few clicks.

At the same time, Z-1 can also be used as an internet access point to establish a wireless network connection. It supports IEEE 802.11ac with three streams that provide high-speed Wi-Fi and reliable connectivity. With the additional bandwidth and speed, users can reliably stream network and Internet content at 4K resolution and make a presentation at the same time.

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Application scenarios with several Z-1 devices

The system also allows up to sixteen Z-1 devices to be networked together to mirror content from one source onto different screens—for example, during conferences or events. The split-screen function allows up to four participants to simultaneously share their content on one display. You can also establish communication between two locations or rooms and share the same screen.

Convenient to use: supported operating systems and moderator option

Z-1 supports all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. As a result, users can easily share their screens without needing to install special drivers or software.

The moderator function (via the optional software „AMC Meeting Plus“) allows an individual to facilitate multiple presenters by projecting content from each presenter’s PC. This function is ideal for use in conference and classroom environments.

Enterprise security

Z-1 has extensive security features, such as 802.1x Enterprise Security, up to four SSIDs, including Stealth SSID function, as well as Mac address filtering and support for VLANs. It can be customized to meet the requirements of a corporate network security policy.

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