The brand new AMD Radeon Pro W5700 Workstation Graphics Card – now available!

The brand new AMD Radeon Pro W5700 Workstation Graphics Card – now available!

Now available from Schneider Digital, in stock: The AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 workstation graphics card is ideal for users who are looking to push their performance boundaries beyond the needs of traditional 3D design applications by generating photorealistic renders of their concepts or interacting with their designs in virtual reality. The new grafic card is individually deployed in the configured workstations of Schneider Digital.

Expand your design workflows and real-time visualization capabilities with the AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 graphics powered by cutting-edge 7nm AMD RDNA architecture. The AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 graphics transforms user experiences from traditional Design and Manufacturing or AEC environments to immersive and interactive experiences that accelerate product development and decision-making processes.

Typical target segments for using the new AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 are Design and Manufacturing (MFG) withs its Designers, Visualization Artists, Industrial Designers, Simulation Analysts and Program/Project Managers. Also in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) with its Visualization Professionals, CAD Engineers, Architects, Program/Project Managers and Sales and Marketing Content Creators the new Workstation Graphics generation can score.

In today’s modern workflows, professional users want a workstation solution that enriches their graphics experience with immersive technologies to better interact with their product concepts and make informed decisions. The AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 workstation graphics card delivers smooth graphics performance that aims to provide architects and engineers with an interactive experience by rendering and visualizing their designs in real time and reviewing a virtual prototype of their designs in VR environments.

When you work, you’re rarely doing only one thing at a time, and the AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 workstation graphics card and Radeon™ Pro Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition for Enterprise together deliver outstanding CAD multitasking performance even in the most demanding situations2, such as continuing to model while rendering a visualization in the background.

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Advanced W5700 features focused on usability

  • New 7nm AMD RDNA Architecture
  • More speed with the latest PCIe® 4.0 Support
  • Drive up to six displays
  • Access your workstation from anywhere
  • Professional Wireless VR support
  • Industry-leading Innovative software features including Radeon™ Pro Image Boost and Radeon™ Pro ReLive

The RDNA architecture is engineered to optimize compute performance that is powered by the cutting-edge 7nm graphics technology. It is the DNA that revolutionize the boundaries of 3D design workflows by delivering fast and immersive real-time content creation experiences.

With the latest PCIe® 4.0 support, the Radeon™ Pro W5700 graphics card delivers twice the bandwidth compared to the PCIe® 3.0, enabling smooth performance while running GPU intensive applications.

The AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 professional graphics card delivers up to six display outputs to allow designers to multitask several graphics intensive programs and be more productive.

AMD Remote Workstation enables professionals to access their physical workstations from virtually anywhere with rich graphics experiences when using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops™ or Microsoft® Remote Desktop.

Using AMD Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise and the AMD Radeon™ ReLive for VR application, AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 graphics card users can wirelessly visualize their creations using VR-capable applications and select standalone VR headsets.

Radeon™ Pro Image Boost allows the AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 graphics card to render the desktop at a higher internal resolution (up to 5K) than what the monitor is natively capable of, improving sharpness and clarity and accelerating product design decision making.

AMD Radeon™ Pro ReLive enables professional-grade high-resolution screen capture, recording, and streaming on the AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 graphics card for collaboration, presentation, training, and customer support.

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  • Graphics memory: 8GB GDDR6
  • Display outputs: 5x Mini-DisplayPort™ 1.4 1x USB Type-C Ready
  • Features:
    • 2304 (36 Compute Units)
    • 448 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
    • 256-Bit Memory Interface
    • Max Power Consumption 205 W
    • Form Factor 4.4“ x 10.5“ (HxL); Douple Slot

The AMD Radeon™ Pro W5700 Workstation Graphics is now available from Schneider Digital in stock. The new card is individually deployed in the configured workstations of Schneider Digital. Further infos and ordering online:…

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