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The question I get is what is the info you need to get started to make money online. Now the questions to that answer can be answered in many ways because every niche is different. However I am a¬†specialist in affiliate marketing and I’ve been making big bucks with this type of strategy. I will be sharing this strategy with my viewers today and please make sure you drop off and leave a us a like on facebook or twitter we would appreciate that lets get started.



10 Steps You Can Take To Make Money

1) Find a low targeting keyword but high search you can simple do this by visiting google planner and finding some keywords with low competition but with at least 1000 searches a month this will give you the best chance of making a lot of money even if 1 percent convert 100 people lets say your product cost 50 dollars that’s a whopping number right there just from one site imagine you do 20 sites its just adds up.


2) Now you got that down make sure you do on page seo you need to do this in order to make it all work without on page seo there is no real point in doing this.


3) Now backlinking time now google says they don’t like people going out there and buying spammy backlinks to help there page go to the first page. You need to do this in an organic way contact some of your competitors ask them if you can rent out a link or something of that nature to make organic. Or you can do it the really good way which I recommend is by sharing your site to your friends family and the power of the human mouth can do its entire job all alone. Make it interesting and good for your audience


4) Now we are hoping we are around the first page if not don’t worry keep trying improve your sites appearance on page seo and other stuff to bump it up to first page or you can find a service that does great seo.


5) The product must give benefits I always see people just selling random products that you know wont give you anything out of them. Find something you would buy and try to sell that your chances of selling is much higher when you know the benefits are going to be great.


6) Keep the content short but good to make sure your website is not to boring


7) Learn how to engage with your viewers if they ask a question make sure you get back in 24 hours and answer those questions. Believe me support has more power then people believe. I will rather buy something that has great customer support then one that can’t even get in touch with someone although the product is clear. Support wins

8) And be honest some people know as affiliates we make money if they buy through the link and if they email you and ask you if you are going to make money from it explain why they should buy it from you because you gave them the idea and showed them what’s right

9) Be ready to fail online marketing is not a joke it can be the hardest info to grasp believe me failure needs to happen without that nothing will work.

10) Have fun and make sure you enjoy it doing it


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