Now it’s round: Distec presents round display modules POS-I-PRO

Now it’s round: Distec presents round display modules POS-I-PRO

As one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat screens and system solutions, Distec GmbH presents another innovative new product: with its extraordinary shape, the round TFT display series POS-I-PRO opens up completely new possibilities for a wide range of applications. „POS-I-PRO is a native solution for round displays, which until now could only be accomplished with concealed rectangular displays,“ explained Ludwig Deimel, Project Manager at Distec. The HMI series includes four expansion variants with a screen diagonal of 3.4 inches at a resolution of 800×800 pixels and a brightness of 350cd/m². As with the rectangular devices of the POS-PRO series, a PCAP touchscreen is integrated. It can be operated with up to 10 fingers and features a chemically hardened cover glass against scratches and damage. Indoor and outdoor application areas range from industrial, POS, digital signage, advertising technology and interior design with furniture construction to smart home.

Diversity and flexibility from simple to fully integrated

The basic version POS-I-034-00-PRO-V1 is built into a powder-coated aluminum housing and can be easily integrated via threaded bolts on the rear of the housing. An O-ring ensures that the front is sealed against dust and water jets in accordance with IP65. The display has a mini HDMI connection for the image signal and a USB-C connection for touch and power supply.

With the POS-I-034-00-PRO-V2, additional cables of 1m each are included and secured via a strain relief. „We have added a Raspberry Pi 4B to variant 3,“ said Ludwig Deimel. „The Raspberry Pi is mounted in its own robust housing with passive cooling and can be installed remotely from the display unit.“ The Raspberry Pi OS operating system opens up countless application possibilities in the display and advertising sector. Round displays also offer completely new perspectives in furniture construction for designer pieces and smart homes. Deimel goes on to say „Our customers can certainly think of other, completely new areas of application. We are curious about the creativity there.“

Finally, the POS-I-034-00-PRO-V4 is a fully integrated HMI. Both the display unit and the Raspberry Pi are mounted in the housing on a mounting frame. Various holes, cut-outs and threads allow easy and quick integration.

True round display

Distec has solved yet another challenge for the POS-I-PRO: conventional operating systems can currently only display a rectangular desktop, which cuts off the content in the corners on a round display. Based on the Embedded Wizard software, the monitor manufacturer from Germering therefore delivers a basic framework for real round displays together with the units. The basic commands for integrating the touchscreen, such as swipe gestures and click modes, are already part of the package. Upon request, smaller and larger models of the POS-I-PRO can also be implemented on a project basis.

The POS-I-PRO series meets the requirements of the new EU Ecodesign Directive, guaranteeing long-term availability of spare parts and ease of repair. Distec manufactures the devices in Germany and also pays attention to the ecological compatibility of its products and the materials used.

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